I’ve got two of my all time favorite meals on the weekly meal plan this week: pork and pineapple fried rice and peanut noodles. Matt is finally finished travelling for work, so I’m excited to cook for two again. (Not that I couldn’t finish off the pineapple fried rice or peanut noodles solo 😉 )

Menu Week 10-23-16 | Mrs Tea & Mr Coffee

Sunday Pork with Pineapple Fried Rice and Egg Drop Soup – This meal is one of our favorite dishes in our house. It’s packed with flavor. It’s got caramelized pineapple, crispy onions and a delicious sauce that ties it all together. The leftovers are also amazingly delicious.

Monday Baked Potato Soup, Pumpkin Cornbread and Roast Broccoli – Baked Potato Soup is so creamy and filling. I love all of the toppings; the cheese, bacon, and green onions. The ingredients in this soup are so simple, but super yummy.

Tuesday – Steak, Broccolini and Buffalo Blue Potatoes – We’ve got to get a couple more grilled meals in before it gets too cold and winter-y here in Kansas. I’m going to try a new side dish recipe, Buffalo Blue Cheese Potatoes. They should be delicious and the perfect pairing to a juicy, grilled steak.

WednesdayPeanut Noodles and Salad – Oh my goodness, I love peanut noodles! Peanut butter is one of my absolute favorite condiments, so if I can sneak it in with some vegetables, it’s even better.

ThursdayBalsamic Pork, Rice and Brussels – I bought 8 pounds of pork shoulder at the grocery store a few weeks ago when it was on sale. I was able to cut it up and freeze half. This easy crockpot recipe will be a great way to use it up.

Friday – Out

Saturday – Out

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